- Change Oil & Filter   - Wheel Alignment   - Rotate and balance tires  - Battery Service & Replace   
                        - Transmission Repair Replace Spark Plugs   - Engine Tune-up   - Air Condition (A/C) Repair


                                           7,500      22,500      37,500     52,500     MILE SERVICE

Change Oil and Filter
Install WW Fuel Injector Cleaner
Install WW Motor Oil Additive
Inspect Steering Operations
Inspect Break Hoses and Lines


Check All Fluid Levels and Fills
 Adjust Clutch (if applicable)
Rotate and Balance All four Tires
Check Spare Tire Pressure

Inspect Exhaust Systems
Inspect All Belts and Adjust
Set Emission and Road Test
   Japtech $89.95
      *Most Models

                                           15,000      45,000      75,000     105,000     MILE SERVICE
                                                Includes the 7,500 mile service plus the following:

Adjust Valve Clearence and Replace.
Gasket ( if applicanle)
Inspect Air Filter
Inspect CV Boots
Inspect All Pads and Rotors
Install Battery Pads.


Change Transmission fluid
And Add WW Conditioner.
Check and Adjust Ignition Timing Road Test.

Check All Bulbs
Inspect Parking Brake and Adjust

   Japtech $175.95
      *Most Models

                                           30,000      60,000      90,000     120,000     MILE SERVICE
                                     Includes the 7,500 and 15,000 mile service plus the following:

Replace Spark Plugs
Platinum Plugs are Extra and Replaced as needed.
Replace Air Filter
Replace Fuel Filter ( if applicable)
Change Engine Coolant
Alignment Inspection


Anti Lock Brake Service (if applicable)
Change Differential Fluid or VTM Fluid
( if applicable)
Flush Break Fluid

Road Test
Replace A/C Filter
(If applicable)


   Japtech $369.95
      *Most Models

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